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Happy Diwali SMS In Kannada: Best Wishes In Kannada

Do you want to share wishes in Kannada this Diwali? Are you looking for Happy Diwali SMS in Kannada? Well, then check out the Diwali wishes below. All of them are in Kannada and you can share these messages with your friends and family during the festival of lights. But before you get them all, please spend sometime to read a small history about Diwali.

Happy Diwali SMS In Kannada

History Of Diwali:

Diwali is one of India’s biggest and most of the important vacation of the year. The deepavali festival gets its name from the row of lamps that people light outside their homes which symbolize the inner light which protects them from spiritual darkness. It is an important festival for Hindus all over India.

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Diwali is celebrated in October or November of each year. India has an agricultural society where people seek the blessing of Lakshmi. It is marked as harvest season. They close their accounting books and starts a new financial year.

Happy Diwali SMS Kannada

This is celebrated by Indians with glittering lamps, fireworks, electric lights, family gatherings, sharing sweets and gifts and worship to Lakshmi. To welcome the Goddess Lakshmi people keep their doors and windows open and light lamps.

Diwali has now become the national festival which is celebrated by all the Indians regardless of faith. There are various legends of Diwali. In North India, people celebrate Diwali festival as return journey of King Rama to Ayodhya who rescued his wife Sita and defeated Ravana by lighting the rows of lamps.

People in South India celebrates it as the day when Lord Krishna defeated the demon Narakasura and in western India the festival is marked as a day when Lord Vishnu the main god of hindu trinity sent the demon Bali to rule the rear world.

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It is concluded from all the above stories that the common thing is that the festival is celebrated for the victory of good over the bad. This festival of lights brings joy and hope in everyone’s life.

Happy Diwali SMS In Kannada:

 Diwali SMS In Kannada

1) Deepadinda Deepavu Belagali Ellara Mane Managala Shubha Dinada Deepavaliyali Ela Nimma Korike Neraverali…..

2) Helarigu deepavali habbadha
Nima maneyali santhosh thumba
Erali mathu santhosh vadha
Habbavanu swaghathisuona.
Happy Deepagala Habba!

3) Dali ne dali par nazar dali, kisi ne is par dali, kisi ne uspar dali, hum ne jis par nazar dali, uske baap ne uski shaadi kahin aur kar dali. Happy Diwali!

4) Bandide Belakina habba Tarali
Belakina Shubhadina Belagisi nageya
deepavali Nimma yella kanasugalige
Happy Diwali….

5) Jyoti inda Jyoti belagali,
Deepadinda Deepa mana belagali,
Deepavali namma nimmallera
balu belagali!

6) Dipa jivanada arta
Dipa jivanada belaku
Dipa jivanada nenapu
Dipa premada sogabu
Dipa jagada nenapu
Dipada dipavalige shubashaya..

7) Nimnage, mattu nimma kutumbadavari,
mattu nimma geleyarige, “Deepavali”
habbada Shubashyagalu “Deepavali”
yellar balalli belakannu tarali yendu hayrisuve.

8) Bani deepadinda deepa hachuva E Deepavali habbadandu
Nimma balu sada santosha dinda belagutrilai
Nimgu nimma kutumbadavarigu deepavali habbada shubshayagalu!

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